Edwin Lord Weeks

Edwin Lord Weeks (1849 - 1903) ,pintor norteamericano.

Blacksmith Shop at Tangiers.1876.

Gate of Shehal, Morocco.1880.

The Arab Gunsmith.1880. 

On the River Benares.1883. 

The barge of the maharaja of Benares.1883.

The Last Voyage.A Souvenir of the Ganges.1884.

Departure for the Hunt.1885.

Great Mogul and his Court Returning from the Great Mosque at Delhi.1886.

An open air restaurant,Lahore.1889.

Feeding the Sacred Pigeons, Jaipur.1894.

Along the Ghats, Mathura.

Indian Barbers - Saharanpore. 

Man in Armour.

Street Scene in India.

The Snake Charmers, Bombay.

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