Ford Madox Brown

Ford Madox Brown, (1821-1893),pintor inglés.

The Body of Harold brought before William the Conqueror.1844-61.

The Seeds and Fruits of English Poetry.1845-51.

Chaucer at the court of Edward III.1846-51.

Lear and Cordelia.1848-49. 

The Last of England.1855.


Death of Sir Tristram.1864. 

Cordelia's Portion.1866.

The Coat of Many Colors.1867. 

Elijah Restoring The Widow's Son.1868. 

Romeo and Juliet.1870.

The Dream of Sardanapalus.1871.

Don Juan Discovered by Haydee.1873. 

Cromwell on his Farm.1874.

The Expulsion of the Danes from Manchester.

The Romans Building a Fort at Mancenion.

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